Demonic Resurrection cancels much awaited U.K. tour

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Demonic ResurrectionIndian metal band Demonic Resurrection has cancelled their first UK tour including their performance at the Sonisphere Festival which was held over the weekend at Knebworth. The band was not issued Visas to the UK in time and were therefore unable to make it for the festival and subsequently the rest of the tour leaving them no option but to cancel. As they’ve said, it all feels like a “bad dream” not only for the band, but also for the rest of the fans in India and abroad.
“We are extremely gutted about this and it feels like a very bad dream at this moment. We want to apologise to our fans who came to Sonisphere to see us or who booked tickets for the other shows, unforunately it was out of our hands. We spent a small fortune to pay for our visas, tour merch and other documents but more than the money it kills us that we couldn’t play for our fans in the UK. ” said the band in an official statement released via their Facebook page.

Read the complete statement here.

Demonic Resurrection was scheduled to play on the 10th at Sonisphere on the Jagermeister Stage and follow that with dates at The Well (Leeds), The Underworld (London), Riverside (Selby) and Waterfront (Norwich). The tour was booked by Northern Music and Mixtape.

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