Declassified & Bootlegged – Bombay Rock

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Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Boy and girl part ways. Boy and girl meet again and get married.
This is what the documentary is NOT about !!

Rock music in Bombay has evolved today; to write on terrorism, politics, corruption and is leagues ahead of the pointless music being churned out of the mainstream music industry.

This documentary is a record of the variety and depth of talent, knowledge and understanding which has been ignored, since long. It is a record of the hurdles and difficulties that this niche industry faces. It is a record of the individuals and groups which have supported the culture and brought it up to the standards existing today. It is a record of …. well, go watch the documentary man!!

Directors & Camera : VASA
Producer : Rudra Taandav Pictures
Screenplay : VASA
Sound Mix : Ananda M, Vishal S, Ashwin S
Sound Mastered By : Vishal S
Editor : Varun J
Music : Apollonian Quest

contact : [email protected]
Ashwin – 9987666108
Varun – 9892509850

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