Cyanide Serenity – An exclusive interview

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If you attended the ‘Rock in India 09’ festival, you ought to remember Cyanide Serenity– The band that brought on heavy in that mid-afternoon heat. Headbangers India caught up with the band after their performance, and here’s what they had to say about their music, our metal scene, and our dosas!

HB: We heard rumours that Cyanide Serenity’s performance at ‘Rock in India’ was the first ever show. How far is that true?

C.S: Its very true! This was our first ever show as a band and what a way to start it! We are very happy with the show and how we performed and the reaction we got so it all went well on our part.

HB: Was it practice, genius or the experience of being with other bands that made that first show so good?

C.S: We did practice a lot before the show and prepared a lot for it, as we have never played to that many people before. So we wanted to make a great impression on the fans, the media etc. And we did just that!

HB: Tell us about your experience in India. What did you expect? Have we lived up to your expectations?

C.S: To be honest we didn’t expect anything, as our knowledge of India was very limited. Especially regarding the metal scene, it has really opened our eyes. You guys should be very proud of your metal scene and your support for the bands. You have such a great scene and it’s very touching to be a part of it and to be accepted into the scene. We have been welcomed with open arms and we cannot wait to get back in it and rock out with your bands once more.

HB:What else did you guys do here?

C.S: We were in Bangalore for around four days and we managed to get into the city and eat some good traditional food and do some sight seeing. We particularly like the Dosas! They are awesome, very cheap and a great snack. The sights are fantastic and we took many photos. This will go down in our history as one of the most beautiful places we have ever played in.

HB: Thanks! Now a little about the U.K. metal scene…

C.S: Ah. The UK Metal scene is very harsh. There are many bands in the metal scene there and its very hard to get noticed. To gain a strong fan base, you need to be pretty special and have something different about you or just follow the fad that is going around at that time. The UK is really spoilt on shows and people tend to save their money for the real big shows not making it easy for the smaller bands. It’s a Dog-eat-Dog world!

HB: We heard that you are already looking at producing your first album. What is the status with that?

C.S: Yes we are indeed and we are looking to release it around May. We are in process of sorting out the distribution for it, so hopefully you will be able to pick it up in India. We are around half way through writing it. It’s looking pretty tight, so we are very excited to get it out to our fans.

HB: The Indian metal scene is huge, and yet many people don’t even know it exists. It also entirely lacks in any sort of encouragement. What would your suggestion be to the many professional bands here to make it big?

C.S: From what we have seen, you have a fantastic scene here and you should really keep behind it. It’s always hard for bands in their home countries to make it big. But the standard is very good here and you should really keep gigging and pushing your way to the top. The only way you are going to get there is by helping each other. So, you have got to keep at it and gigging with each other, sharing fans etc

HB: Any plans of returning to India?

C.S: Yes! We are already arranging our next tour of India and hopefully it will be all over India and we can hit all the major cities to get across to all the fans across the country. So, watch this space!

HB: How about a message to your Indian fans?

C.S: Without you guys, bands are nothing. You are what keeps the bands going, and bands are worthless without you. Keep supporting the bands, keep buying T-Shirts, Keep the CD’s spinning and keep them heads banging!

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