Cradle of Filth arrives in Bangalore

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All geared up for their gig in Bangalore on Saturday, 23rd April, extreme metallers Cradle of Filth arrived in Bangalore this morning and had their press conference with an ever-so-ignorant bunch of journalists, who asked them questions like these-

– Do you listen to Bollywood music or watch Bollywood movies?
– Any favourite Indian song?
– Will there be a seating arrangement at the event?

And this one really takes the cake:
-What were your earnings for the previous financial year?

Embarrassing questions aside, the band said that they have quite a lot of ‘stuff’ planned for the show. The guitarist also mentioned in an aside that they’d planned some bat-head-biting-off antics, but for obvious reasons, weren’t allowed to execute those. People can expect a lot of their older material at the concert, they said, and possibly some of their newer stuff from their upcoming instrumental record as well.

Talking about their “satanic” image, frontman Dani Filth made references to the Indian goddess Kali, and stated that he owns some statues too. He was slightly familiar with India because of his mother’s house in Goa, and along with the rest of the band, said that they would love to return to India for more shows in the future.

Cradle of Filth plays Bangalore on the 23rd of April, Saturday, at the Palace Grounds. Tickets are priced at Rs. 1000 and are available on www.bookmyshow.com and also at the venue. Opening acts are Blind Image (Chennai), Inner Sanctum (Bangalore) and Devoid (Mumbai). The event is being organized by Spotlight Events.

If the weather doesn’t play spoilt-sport, Cradle of Filth promises to be one hell of a gig. Don’t miss it!

  • blackveilbrides

    man…i wont be able to go for the concert…. nor on the 6th or 7th may…DAMN

  • wat the fuck is wrong with these journalists? Bolly shit is the be all and end all to these ignorant fools. they should learn some basic stuff like ” do your research before shooting questions”. stupid mofos

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