Cerebral Bore to perform in India

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Scotland based death metal band Cerebral Bore’s announcement to play in India took everyone by surprise. They are playing at the Underground Unleashed Fest 2011 in Darjeeling,in October. The fest goes on from the 30th of September to the 2nd of October. Details on the rest of the things are to be announced.

This sure is turning out to be a hell of a year for the gig scene in India,with Cerebral making this announcement just a day after Putrid Pile performing in Bangalore. Lots to look forward to this year,watch this space for more.

  • AgniV

    Wow…death metal fest in Darjeeling! I won’t be there

  • hehe

    what the fuck… Darjeeling and MEtal Fest? he he it’s never gonna happen…. the organizers are suckers to just think such a thing that too in Darjeeling…. ha ha what an asshole…….

  • SadisticOrgasm

    Great! A fucking huge horde of us from Nepal are going there too. Love the venue!