Capital Metal

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Capital MetalAfter Sam Dunn’s “Metal : A Headbanger’s Journey” and “Global Metal”, there has been a rising interest in metal documentaries. First there was “declassified and bootlegged”, which is about the rock and metal scene in Bombay. (was supposed to have been out a long time ago, no idea what has happened to that.) But that’s now what this article is about.

A documentary is being made about the metal scene in Delhi, aptly titled “Capital Metal”. It features bands like Guillotine, Artillerie, Undying Inc, IIIrd Sovereign, Gates Of Assault, Hydrodjent, Phobia etc. along with the Grey and Saurian duo, Anupam Roy and Shashwat Gupta. Seems like a good chance to hear what the Delhi metalheads have to say. They’ve put up a small trailer on youtube, so do check it out. Here’s the vid :

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