Brute Fest, Bangalore

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brute festBrute Fest, an extreme metal featuring metal bands from around the country will be held this 17th of October at Kyra in Bangalore. Be there to witness some real metal, with “passion and excruciation with the the most extreme bands tearing the stage apart.”
Date: 17th October (Sunday)
Time: 11 AM – 6.30 PM
Bands Performing:
Abandoned Agony (Brutal Death Metal)
Blind Image (Technical Thrash/ Groove Metal)
Gorified (Deathgrind)
Corrode (Melodic Death Metal)
Arcane Ritual (Epic Black Metal)
The Mechanix (Technical Groove Metal)
A U (Goregrind)
Dark Desolation (Black Metal)
Blood Orchid (Progressive Thrash)
Nekronym (Brutal Death Metal)
Entry: Rs.200
Venue: Kyra, 100 feet road, Indiranagar, Bangalore
For more details, contact Sumeet: 9731340101
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