Band list for JRO 2009

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The final list of bands for JRO 2009 is out! 14 bands, from various genres like Rock, Funk, Classic, Metal, Melodic Metal and even Jazz Rock have been short-listed to perform at JRO this year.

Venue: Bucks Theatre, YMCA, Chennai
Date: 3-4 July
Time: 5-10pm

The schedule goes like this:

3rd July
Blood Covenant (White Metal) – Chennai
Blood and Iron (Melodic Metal) – Chennai
Dark Horizon (Funk rock) – Assam
E-Flat (Rock) – Chennai
Heretic (Metal) – Cochin
Realms (Hard Rock) – Hyderabad
Rusty Moe (Classic Rock) – Chennai

4th July
Abraxas (Metal) – Pune
Bleed (Hard Rock) – Bangalore
Crimson Wood (Hard Rock) – Trivandrum
Null Friction (Rock) – Chennai
Public Issue (Funk) – Chennai
Skrat (Indie) – Chennai
Touch Wood (Jazz Rock) – Chennai

The JRO festival has evolved into one of India’s mega music festivals over the years. It aims at creating the right environment for music and musicians and wants to initiate a culture that will have a lasting impact. Their ultimate aim is to raise the standard of music shows in India that would generate more corporate involvement for the support of musicians and music as an art form.

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