Atmosfear Vocalist Ulhas Parts Way With the Band

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Atmosfear has been one of the more prominent local bands in Mumbai for quite some time now. They’ve been a part of most of the gigs I’ve been to over here, so it saddened me when I heard that Ulhas, the vocalist, was leaving the band. This is the message they’ve sent from their facebook page.

Hello Everyone,

Its been some time since this particular rumor has been in the circuit. We just wanted everyone to know officially that Ulhas the vocalist of Atmosfear has now left the band due to work pressure and family issues. This is a small message from his side regarding the same.

“I thank my band mates, Ashwin, Ritesh, friends, other bands who we shared stage with and most importantly the fans who have stuck with the band through all the phases. I had an awesome time with the band on and off the stage. But as all good things come to an end, I have to bow out of the band now cause of a lot of personal problems. I wish Atmosfear all luck and full support in whatever they endure next in the music scene.”

Atmosfear will continue as a three piece band with vocal duties now being handled full time by Bruce. Catch you at the next gig whenever it happens.


Let us hope that they do indeed continue playing, and we wish both Atmosfear and ex-vocalist Ulhas best of luck for their future endeavours.

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