Album and Tour updates from Kryptos

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Kryptos have announced that their previously planned 40 day tour is now postponed by two months due to unforeseen circumstances. As of now they’re waiting for their publisher in Germany to get them a record deal and they shall reschedule their tour to co incide with the worldwide release of their album.

As of now, Kryptos will be headlining Riff ‘Em All on the 29th of October, a day before the Metallica gig, at Kyra, Bangalore. The gig also features Corrode, Culminant., Gorified, Bevar Sea and doom death spearheads Dying Embrace. The band will have limited edition t shirts and posters of The Coils of Apollyon for sale at the gig. They will also be playing a rare set list consisting of songs they’ve rarely/never played. The set list will be like
Satyr like Face
Order of the D.N.A
The Mask of Anubis
In Twilight’s Grace
Forgotten Land of Ice
Liquid Grave

Do not miss this one of a kind gig, as it is sure to blow you away.

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