Albatross reveal cover art and track list

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Horror metal band ‘Albatross’ from Mumbai who recently signed to Demonstealer Records have revealed the cover artwork and tracklist for their debut EP ‘Dinner Is You’.

‘Dinner is You’ is a sick, sadistic tale of cannibalism and the Kuru disease, which is a nervous system disorder afflicting cannibals, making them laugh uncontrollably. Each song is a spine-chilling story told through skull crushing metal.

The album has been mastered by Grammy nominated guitarist *Andy LaRocque* from King Diamond/Death.


1. The Great Plague Of The 21st Century

2. The Dining Table

3. In The Court Of Kuru

4. Among the Cannibals

The band has released their track ‘The Dining Table’ for streaming on their Myspace page. (http://www.myspace.com/albatrosshorror)

The album can be pre-ordered from http://demonstealerrecords.com/shop

  • Albatross

    Hey thanks. Small change, it's http://www.myspace.com/albatrosshorror

  • Albatross

    Also, this is the old artwork. The new art is in the release 🙂

  • Good music but the artwork, both old and new, is absolutely hideous. Looks like a kindergarten art assignment. It's getting flak on blabbermouth as well. Really, change it while you still can. It will do the release a world of good.

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