Albatross releases new song online

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Dinner is YouIndia’s only horror metal band Albatross has released the song- “The Dining Table” online. The song is from their forthcoming EP release- Dinner is You. The album has been mixed and engineered in India by the band’s guitarist Raj.B and mastered by King Diamond guitarist Andy LaRocque. The art for the same was designed by Ameya Chavan with special contributions from Therion vocalist Snowy Shaw. The band is looking at a tentative July release.

The album Dinner is You is a four song concept album about the Kuru Disease- a laughing disease which afflicts cannibals. The album is one of India’s most awaited albums.
The band was previously voted as Headbangers India’s featured band for April.
Here is the album’s tracklist:
1. The Great Plague of the 21st Century
2. The Dining Table
3. In the Court of Kuru
4. Among the Cannibals
You may check out the song on www.myspace.com/albatrosshorror
  • Stellar production job. The song is quite good although the verses sound strangely like Sweating Bullets. Still on the whole it's a damn good effort.

    The artwork is terrible though.

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