Rudra to release ‘Brahmavidya- Immortal I’

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Pioneer Vedic Metal band, RUDRA, from Singapore, will unleash their latest album, BRAHMAVIDYA-IMMORTAL I, the long anticipated final chapter of the Brahmavidya Trilogy through SONIC BLAST MEDIA on 3rd March 2011.

Imran Manaff, Director of Sonic Blast Media, issued the following statement about the signing:

“We are very thrilled that RUDRA has decided to partner with SONIC BLAST MEDIA to release their latest album, IMMORTAL I. With 19 years of history under RUDRA’s belt, this new album is a monumental release for RUDRA as it is not only the final chapter to the BRAHMAVIDYA trilogy but also the start to a new chapter with SONIC BLAST MEDIA; and we look forward to many more releases by RUDRA. We at SONIC BLAST MEDIA are honored to have RUDRA as part of the SONIC BLAST MEDIA family. I am definitely looking forward in anticipation to the release of IMMORTAL I and I am sure the fans are too!”

BRAHMAVIDYA: IMMORTAL I was recorded at Black Isle Studios in 2010, the same studio where the 2009 release BRAHMAVIDYA: TRANSCENDENTAL I was recorded.

To date RUDRA remains as one of the rare few legendary leaders of the Asian Metal scene with a history of 19 years together. Progress and evolution have become the keywords in Rudra’s career as extreme metal musicians. In the same tradition, Brahmavidya: Immortal I comes as an anchor album to complete the concept that started in Brahmavidya: Primordial I in 2005. Their tenacious adherence to philosophy and introspection has again manifested into a lyrical assault on everything that’s conceivable to the human mind.

Vocalist/Bassist Kathir has described the album as being ‘a 55 minute burst of pure unadulterated Vedic Metal which will appeal to the fans and even those who are not. This is an album like none in our career. The songs have a new character and the lyrics may appeal to Socratic minds. It is a dream come true for having finally completed the Brahmavidya Trilogy.’

Rudra is ready for shows around the world to promote the new album. Promoters are to contact the band.

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