Morbid Angel announce recording

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Florida death metal gods Morbid Angel are proud to announce that as of June 22nd they have entered the studio to record their ninth full length album. The recording is gonna happen at Mana Studios in St. Petersburg,Florida, with Eric Rutan engineering the production. Also note that this album is gonna feature Tim Yeung (ex Decrepit Birth) on the drums as Pete Sandoval the original drummer requires back surgery and is not gonna sit behind the kit anytime soon. The album sure promises to be a brutal one and a definite treat for the old school fans.

  • What shall it be called though? Wasn’t there an alphabetical thing going on with their album names? Should be interesting nevertheless.

  • Adarsh

    The alphabetic theme might still persist,but I sincerely hope this album is brutal enough,as compared to Vital Remains who somehow could not keep up their previously ordained badassery in Icons of Evil

  • Tim Yeung on drums = FAIL

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