Lamb Of God, Meshuggah on Iron Man 2 soundtrack.

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Action games have always felt the need for a soundtrack that matches the intensity of the gameplay. First it was God Of War III which had songs by Opeth, Trivium, Dream Theater in it’s soundtrack.And no wonder that when it came to a high profile game such as Iron Man 2, SEGA decided that metal artists should provide this soundtrack.

Amongst the artists featured on the soundtrack are Virginia metallers Lamb Of God, Meshuggah(wouldn’t be surprised to see Future Breed Machine), Stemm, Soilwork and Nova. A video with exclusive footage of Lamb Of God in studio and snippets of the song they’ve written, called “Hit the Wall”, exclusively for the video game, can be found here. As Randy Blythe says, “Iron Man’s pretty tough dude, I wouldn’t want like Backstreet Boys in the soundtrack. ”

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