K.K. Downing announces retirement from Priest

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Judas PriestLegendary iconic Judas Priest guitarist K.K. Downing has announced his retirement from the band just before their Epitaph tour. The band however have agreed to go ahead with the tour without K.K and respect his decision to leave. Epitaph will be Priest’s final world tour before they finally retire. It will feature songs from all their albums and will mark the grand exit of the band from the scene after rocking for 40 odd years.

The replacement is Richard Faulkner, the guitarist of Lauren Harris, the band of Steve Harris’ daughter. Fans all over the world are shaken as well as furious, not just for K.K’s decision as well as for the replacement, saying K.K is irreplaceable. At this point however it doesn’t matter as K.K is gone and will never come back to the metal scene, and Priest will never be the same again. I hope his decision is for sane reasons however. And hope we get to catch Priest live here in India sometime before it’s too late. Rock rolla guys!

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