FOR RUIN re-releases ‘Last Light’ worldwide

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For Ruin are pleased to announce a worldwide licensing partnership for their second album LAST LIGHT which is being re-released through the UK’s Casket/Copro Records on Feb 21st.

Last Light was self produced and self released in October 2009 by the band and the Casket re-release will also include a remixed and re-mastered version of “Towards an End” from the band’s Sentinel Records debut “December”(2007).

UK distribution will still be via all major retailers (HMV, Zavvi, Tesco, Asda, Amazon, Play , et al.), as well as all independent retailers with a PHD account. Digital distribution will continue through all major retailers (iTunes, Amazon MP3, eMusic, Tunetribe, 7Digital, Napster, Nokia, Rhapsody, HMV, Tesco, Cisco Device Store, Peoples Music Store, Play, We7), as well as also being available on Spotify and CDBaby.

World-wide physical distribution will include Australia (Modern Invasion), Benelux (Bertus), Denmark (Target), France (Soundworks/Season Of Mist), Germany (New Music), Italy (Audioglobe), Greece (Soundforge), Portugal (Recital), Norway (Tuba Rcds), Spain (Goi Music) and Sweden (Sound Pollution).

The re-release is available now on pre-order from the band’s website www.forruin.com with more info at www.coprorecords.co.uk

“Last Light” re-release track listing:

01. Enlightened
02. Care Of The Dead
03. Decline
04. In Suffering
05. Solace
06. Recoil
07. Crawl
08. Deluge
09. Cold Call
10. Elysium
11. Bonus Track – Towards an End (Remix)

The band is also working on new music with additional plans to release a music video in the coming months.

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