Candlemass plan farewell album

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Swedish doom metal giants Candlemass are currently working on new material and will do one last recording in December, for a spring release. The famous Stockholm doom metalists plan to do numerous shows around the world on a farewell tour that hopefully will take them to uncharted C-mass territories such as Australia, Japan, China and Asia, as well as to the great European summer festivals, USA and South America.

Candlemass have had a long and very successful career. Inventors of Doom in 1986 with the colossal Epicus Doomicus Metallicus and worldwide breakthrough the year after with Nightfall. The band disbanded in 1993 after eight years and six albums that today have reached legendary status. In 2004 Candlemass reformed with their classic line-up featuring the fearsome monk Messiah Marcolin. Massive success again! The white reunion album (2005) took the band to new levels of sales and fame. With King Of The Grey Islands and Death Magic Doom, Candlemass cemented their reputation, owned the record of the month lists, played packed halls all over the world, and celebrated 25 years as a band more popular than ever.

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