Heathen Beast announce new EP details

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Mumbai-based black metal band Heathen Beast have released the name and cover artwork of their latest EP, the follow-up to 2010’s ‘Ayodhya Burns’. Titled as ‘The Drowning of the Elephant God’, the cover is exactly that: a photo of the annual immersion ritual of the Hindu elephant god Ganesh. The EP will be released on 23rd May 2012 and its tracklisting is as follows:

1. Drowning Of The Elephant God
2. Contaminating The Ganges
3. Bakras To The Slaughter

  • Mrityu

    drowning of the elephant god? lol idiots

  • Mrityu

    This band not Black Metal its a goddamn joke . You guys shouldnt even post news about such insignificant bands . The whole pioneers “Indian Black Metal” is pure bullcrap 1833 ad Sucks so bad i cant even express it in words ..Fate, Arcane Ritual and now Heathen Beast . I dont understand why they are getting too much hype?

    Seriously,this is what you are feeding us in the name of Indian Black Metal? hell they are worse than Demonic Resurrection. Where is the originality? look at these guys I mean when they play on stage they look like Chhole Kulche walas how can ANYONE take them serious? how can Black Metal scene take Indian Black Metal serious?. I am a Black Metal elitist and it just offends me to see such stupefied losers forming a band and calling it Black Metal.

    But than again these are just my opinions and my views and what i think about Indian Black Metal..

    thank you very much.

  • Mrityu


  • Hi Mrityu,

    Whether or not you like a band is all your discretion but NEVER, for even a split-second, fall into the false belief that you can tell US what bands to write about and what not to. We are a website promoting Indian metal and we will promote any new news about it, whether you like it or not. Deal with it.

  • @Ishaan da, You said it bro!!

    @Mrityu, Technically,the EP is way way better than many other black metal acts in the country…It is very much to the point without any nonsense.Noticable is the way these guys came up with a very fresh sound..non-influenced but yes very influential..Indian Black Metal rises for these dudes..flabbergasting depiction of the Indian culture like never before…With Indian classical fusion adhering themselves to grave blasts..and some serious shredding making way for extreme black vocals this 3 piece BM band is one which believes solely
    that the only power that drives human beings is Karma..the concept of God and Idol Worship being wastes…Wondering about originality??? Go check Heathen Beast for a change..hails

    • Mrityu

      And Ludicrous Drunk Monk this is not the first time a Black Metal band is bashing religion so lets not even talk about originality . using a tabla and classical instruments didnt help their music to sound any different or good plus lyrics are just pure crap.

      The band is nothing but a walking talking shitbag of self parodies and hypocrisy. long story short – Black Metal is all about TOTAL DEATH it PRAYS death where bands like Heathen Beast moan about noise pollution , how we are killing our rivers/environment and earth and how we are slaughtering poor innocent goats.

      REALLY? smh

  • Mrityu

    Of course I am no one to tell you what to do and what not to do its YOUR website but I am free to comment just like everyone else eh?. Theres a comment bar and it says “speak your mind..tell us what you’re thinking” and I spoke my mind,If I think a band is pure bullcrap I am going to say it you guys are free to review good/shitty bands just like WE are free to post our opinions ..opinions you know?

  • Mrityu

    Again these are just my opinions I DONT CARE if you dont agree with them. We live in a free country and we all are free to speak our mind.

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