Metal takes its stance on inhumanity in Kolkata

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This is not about the debut album by Mors Principium Est, but about an incident that took place at a certain pub named Ginger in the city of Kolkata. Earlier this week, a lady was denied entry to it on the ridiculous ‘stance’ that she had been a victim of rape. This enraged the nation and immediately erstwhile patrons began boycotting it. Also boycotting it is the metal community of Kolkata, in particular, by BattleAxe Inc who have decided to shift the venue of the pub gig Elysium 2014 to a different venue (TBC) and also push the date back to 29th September. We at Headbangers India stand firm with their decision and also stand by Suzette Jordan, the lady who was denied entry. Full props to Take Back the Night Kolkata for mobilising this movement.

Kolkata metal fans, do take note of the changes.

  • Aakash

    Um. Please note these facts :
    Elysium is hosted by BattleAxe Inc.
    Not The Conchord Academy. They decided to cancel their event.

    • Ishaan Kumar

      Hi Aakash,

      Sorry about that. We are correcting that as we speak.

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