Kryptos complete 15 years, announce massive Europe tour, including Wacken Open Air 2013

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This was an announcement posted by Indian heavy/thrash metal band Kryptos on 27th February 2013 on various social media pages:

KRYPTOS – XV YEARS OF METALPRESS RELEASE – BANGALORE 27TH FEB 2013A decade and a half. Who would have thought it would get this far? This year Kryptos completes its fifteenth year of existence and there are absolutely no signs of slowing down. 1998 now seems like a long time ago, probably had some pterodactyls flying about as well but we’ve weathered every shit storm that’s come our way since then and here we are in 2013, fatter, uglier and with most of our hair intact but still piling on the leather in unholy temperatures all around the country and bringing our metal to the masses.
To mark this monumental feat we’re pulling out all the stops this year and going for the jugular. This May we will put on a mammoth gig to celebrate the last 15 years that will see us play material from all our albums to date as well as a special set with some of our good friends and booze hounds from Bangalore and elsewhere. It’s going to be an epic night of unadulterated metal where we will bang heads and raise the devil horns with our long time supporters and metal brothers.
It doesn’t end there though. In July we hit Europe once again and return to magnificent Germany for a month long festival tour that will see us play at the In Flammen Open Air once again, followed by the killer Ragnarock Open Air as well as a one off festival appearance in Norway and Aschaffenburg with more dates to be added in the coming months.
But the big daddy of them all will be our very first appearance at Wacken Open Air 2013. When we started this band we didn’t think we’d even get past the bedroom we practiced in but fifteen years later we’re going to be playing at the biggest metal festival on the planet in front of tens of thousands of people alongside many of the bands we grew up listening to. Surreal doesn’t even begin to describe it.
So here’s to the last fifteen years and the next fifteen and beyond. Major thanks and cheers to everyone who supported us and still support us and a huge round of cheers to our manager Salman for his relentless work ethic behind the scenes, Miriam & Enno for all her fantastic support and our label AFM Records Germany for their belief in us. We’ve outlasted every ‘flavor of the month’ douchebag that put us down or said we were ‘irrelevant’ and would never last. Well we’re still standing with a cigarette in our hands and a middle finger in your face.
Rock hard, Ride free \m/
Cheers fuckers!KRYPTOS COILS AROUND EUROPE TOUR 20136TH July 2013 In-Flammen Open Air, Germany
13th July 2013 Open Air festival, Germany (TBC)
27th July 2013 Ragnarock Open Air, Germany
1st – 3rd August 2013 Wacken Open Air, Germany
9th August 2013 Aalesund, Norway
10th August 2013 Sam’s 15th Anniversary Festival, Aschaffenburg,

More dates to be announced Soon!!

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