JUDAS ANCESTRY undergo massive overhaul

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Guwahati’s Judas Ancestry, who have been silent for the past few months after releasing a few symphonic black metal tracks in the past, have just gone through a massive reshuffle of their line-up. Here is an official announcement via their Facebook page:

This is to inform everyone that Hillol Choudhury, Rohil Talukdar, Sumon Saikia, Rhittick Gogoi & Shantanu Baishya have choose to part away due to conflict of interest. The album that was due to be released in June this year would be released by them under a new name. Furthermore, Sandeep has decided to relocate his band to New Delhi as he currently recides there.

After creative differences between vocalist Sandeep Sarmah and the rest of the band, a new line-up has been announced that is now based out of New Delhi:

Sandeep Sarmah – Lead Vocals (2010-Present)
Abhishek Kumar – Lead Guitars (2015-Present) {ex-Chaotic Mantra}
Sushmit Mazumdar – Bass (2015-Present) {ex-1833AD}
Suraj Mishra – Keyboards/Synths (2015-Present) {ex-Chaotic Mantra}

The announcement of a drummer is slated to take place soon in the near future. In case some readers are still uninitiated, here is a track released by them about 2 years ago.  Watch this space for more updates regarding the band’s progress.

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