Iron Fist records to release Motorhead Tribute album

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Iron Fist Records is proud to announce a tribute album by India’s metal underground for one of the most influential bands of all time, Motorhead. The album, titled simply “Motorhead Tribute – India”, is a reference to the iconic “Motorhead – England” imagery. As for the cover artwork, it follows a proud Motorhead tradition of featuring a thematic adaptation of Snaggletooth, and is crafted by one of the scene’s most prolific illustrators – Bevar Sea guitarist, Rahul Chacko.

The line-up features some of the best old school metal bands from the country, spanning three decades. This just proves how Lemmy and company have influenced metal of various kinds, and how the band has made an impact on metal fans of all ages, whether you’re still a young kid, or well into your 40s.

The album is scheduled for a summer 2013 release. This will be the label’s third release since its inception in 2012, following old school stalwarts Kryptos’ third album ‘The Coils of Apollyon’ in February 2012, and the doom bastards Bevar Sea’s self-titled album in October.

The final line-up and tracklist in no particular order:

Millenium [heavy metal, Bangalore] – Iron Fist
Witchgoat [heavy/black/thrash, Bangalore] – The Chase is Better than the Catch
Albatross [heavy metal, Mumbai] – God Was Never On Your Side
Dying Embrace [death/doom, Bangalore] – Deaf Forever
Mortar [thrash, Kolkatta] – Burner
Bevar Sea [doom, Bangalore] – Turn You Round Again
Shepherd [sludge, Bangalore] – Sacrifice
Solar Deity [black, Mumbai] – Orgasmatron
Djinn & Miskatonic [drone/doom, Bangalore] – I Don’t Believe a Word
Dormant Inferno [doom/death, Mumbai] – The Game

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