HEATHEN BEAST unveil details about upcoming EP

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heathen beast the carnage of godhra


India’s forerunners of black metal blasphemy Heathen Beast, have released the cover and rear artwork of their upcoming third EP, provocatively titled The Carnage of Godhra. If the title and artwork leave any stone unturned regarding the questions that this EP could be raising, the tracklisting definitely compensates for them:

  1. The Carnage of Godhra
  2. Ab ki Baar, Atyachar
  3. Gaurav Yatra (The Aftermath)

Thematically, the band has returned to the communal violence of the Godhra riots of 2002, which left hundreds of innocent Muslims slaughtered mercilessly in the name of Hinduism. Musically, the band’s direction remains to be a surprise. Merchandise of the band can be ordered here.

  • Kaal

    Its a shit band they are trying everything to gain popularity by writing about things like godhra riots and ganesh visarjan and yet no one give two shits about them lol I dont understand why you webzine people write so much about these dolts? probably because they are your peers? who knows

  • fellow asura

    this makes me want to wake the fuck up and do things right ! big fan of the first two as well m/

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