Top 13 Tracks of 2015: Headbangers India staff picks

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The year is new again. It is time for use to look back on the year that was in terms of metal and release another staff pick list. This time, we chose to have everyone pick 13 tracks instead of albums because while the experience of a good album is undeniable, there are often songs that stand out so tall that one keeps wanting to go back to them instead of sitting through the remainder of the album. We also managed to get opinions from the founding couple of this website and that’s a big deal because they usually like to stay low key. So without wasting further time, here are our lists. Click each track name to enjoy it and see what the fuss was all about.


Subhramani & Vilasini


Madhav Ravindranath


Adarsh Ravichandran


Manaswi Gundi


Ishaan Kumar




* Song unavailable for online streaming
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