GODLESS, new death metal act from Hyderabad to release debut EP

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From Hyderabad, India emerge Godless, a new death metal band formed by members of Skrypt, Shock Therapy, and Eccentric Pendulum. Promising a new sound, None other than Joe Haley of Psycroptic (Australia) fame has mixed and mastered their debut EP, in addition to doing a guest solo on this debut album. A statement from the band reads:

We are proud to announce that our debut EP Centuries of Decadence has been mixed and mastered and is ready to be unleashed. This is 18 minutes of fast-paced, skull-crushing, thrash-laced death metal with a shit ton of riffs. We’ve got a lot of exciting announcements coming up soon. Check our Facebook page to stay updated.

Track list for “Centuries of Decadence”:

1. Infest
2. Ossuary
3. Replicant
4. Oneiros

Godless EP cover

The album art is based on the second song of the EP, Ossuary.

Ossuary talks about a wretched creature that dwells deep in the catacombs in a state of suspended animation, about to complete its last phase of hibernation to wreak havoc onto the world. The lyrics are a metaphor for nefarious covert organizations within the governments of today.

Replicant, as the title suggests, was inspired by Blade Runner (1982).

Oneiros speaks of the shaper of nightmares. This particular version has been inspired by Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman.


Watch the teaser of the EP right here:

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