FRAGARAK guitarists become first Indians to be endorsed by SCHECTER Guitars

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Arpit Pradhan and Ruben Franklin of the critically acclaimed death metal band FRAGARAK are now proudly endorsed by USA based Schecter Guitar Research. They’re the first Indian endorsees of the brand. Schecter Guitars boasts an artist roster of the likes Gary Holt, Pete Townshend, Jeff Loomis, Mark Knopfler, Ritchie Blackmore, Chris Poland, Synyster Gates and many others. Reuben uses a Schecter C1 ATX Blackjack and Arpit uses a Schecter C1FR Hellraiser.

Arpit Pradhan
Ruben Franklin

Fragarak is a 4-piece metal band hailing from New Delhi, India. The band was formed in early 2012, with an intention to create extreme metal with a unique expression – a sound rooted in the veins of old school essence, accompanied by a technical approach and progressive attitude towards structured songwriting.



Since their debut release, Fragarak has made live appearances at several of India’s most prestigious metal shows across the country. They have been a constant name in ‘Pandemonium’ – the only of its kind annual extreme metal festival in the country, where they recently supported US stalwarts Funerus in the 4th edition of the Festival. With respect to shows beyond the borders, Fragarak was the first Indian band to play in China at the esteemed Asia Metal Festival in Shanghai in 2014. The tour also marked their show in Zhenjiang for the city’s annual international music festival. Few of their recent tour outside the country would include shows in Penang and Kuala-Lumpur in Malaysia along with Singapore in 2015 for Impiety’s 25th Anniversary. Continuing its rendition of consistent live offerings, Fragarak has been accomplishing an already growing fan base both on local and international soil.

The sound aims to create an introspective atmosphere, a journey of thoughts and perspectives, which would grow on with multiple listens. Fragarak has mostly retained a stable line-up throughout, except for a change in the drummer in 2014. Presently the band comprises 4 founding members – Ruben Franklin and Arpit Pradhan on guitars, Kartikeya Sinha on bass and Supratim Sen on vocals. Vishesh Singh is the sessions live drummer along with Louis Rando (of ex-Nervecell, Impiety, The Furor, etc.) who collaborated towards the studio tracking of drums for the upcoming full-length album. The sophomore record which is planned for release by early 2017, would be a concept album spanning roughly 70 minutes of playing time.

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