Blind Image to play at Asian Metal Festival, KL

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Blind Image recently announced that they will be playing at the ASIAN METAL FESTIVAL in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia , which is happening on the 9th of June 2013. The festival will be headlined by the legendary Indonesian band – Burgerkill. It also will feature various bands across the Asian sub-continent.

Blind Image did a tour of South East Asia (Part 1) in November 2012 . This will be the second time the band will be touring this region .

Krish, spokesperson for the band says – “We are really excited to be a part of this event. The memories from our last tour are still fresh. We enjoyed every single minute the last time when we toured this place and met some of the best people ever! And fans as well! When we finished the tour in November, we were confident that we have taken a solid first step in expanding our fan base over Asia and I think this just a result of that. The fans over there are just insane and thats the kind of crowd which every band would love to play for. We are also very happy that we will be sharing the stage with Burgerkill which is one of the most established bands from Asia. It’s really awesome to see that finally there is a stage for all the Asian bands to get enough exposure and create their own market. We are also very much looking forward to check out some of the other Asian bands and we hope to meet all the fans who had come for our shows during our last tour!”

Blind Image will also have their new, still untitled album ready by June 2013, and say that their tour will feature some of their new stuff, along with their older songs too, of course.

The band will announce a few more dates as a part of this festival shortly. The boys from Blind Image also released a statement that they will be touring India and few parts of Asia (apart from this particular festival) to promote the album.

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