Architects to headline IIT Saarang 2014

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It’s the return of metalcore at live shows the coming January 2014, as Architects will headline IIT Madras’ festival Saarang 2014, at the ‘Rock Show’.

Though the Brighton boys are primarily a metalcore band, they don’t stick only to that genre, and some of their songs evidently have influences from mathcore and also the punk influenced hardcore. The band is currently on a 100-day tour that will be filmed and released later in the year.

Headbangers India will also be continuing our association with Saarang, and promoting the festival that has been supporting metal for all these years. Right from Opeth to Hammerfall, to Pain of Salvation, Vildhjarta and Anathema, this festival has always made metal more accessible to us, without compromising on the quality of delivery.

Watch this space. Lots more updates to follow!

Check out the promo for the event here:

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