Band Profiles


Origin: Kolkata

Genre: Djent/Progressive Metal

Status: Active

Yonsample is a metal act from Kolkata, India formerly known as Moshpit.

‘‘yon’ is the archaic dialect for the word ‘yonder’ (‘that’) . It indicates something (‘further but within sight’) (‘seperated in space’) or (‘coming from/going to a ‘distance’ indicated). ‘sample’ while intended as a kind of ‘representation’, here means an ‘example’, ‘instance’ or ‘illustration’.

The alteration of name is mainly because of the changes in their approach that came naturally with time. They define their musical work as aggressive, forceful and dynamic which reflects positive energy they try to collect.

They released their debut EP ‘Paraphernalia’ in late 2010.

For more: http://www.myspace.com/yonsample