Band Profiles



Origin: Pune

Genre: Progressive/ experimental

Indian Ragas with classical scales and rhythm patterns which have been incorporated into the raw aggression of extreme metal. That describes Vyzasa for you. The band has built up its reputation in quite a short span of time, in Pune and in India, because of this new combination of Indian classical and metal.

The band started in early 2003 when 15 year olds Harshad and Manish started jamming on some Iron Maiden covers, like all bands do. In mid 2007, they came across drummer Nitin, and the ‘real’ jamming started. Given their common background of Indian classical music and similar tastes in progressive music, the band was joined by vocalist Aman and bassist Rakshit. Recently Rajeev replaced the former bassist, also bringing in his own influences into the band.

The band has a number of accolades to their credit. They were winners at Symbiosis RAGNAROK – 08, Best Guitarist at AFMC – 08, I-Rock pub-round winners and finalists, winners at the Idea Sakaal Times RockFest -08.

The band has been influenced by acts like Death, Arch Enemy, Wintersun, At the Gates and others.

For more: http://www.myspace.com/vyzasa