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Undying Inc.

Undying Inc

Status: Active

Genre: Hardcore/Groove/Nu metal

Origin: New Delhi

Undying: adj. 1.immortal. 2.unending. 3.that which cannot die. [existing in spiritual, form, dead but animate.] Inc: abvr. incorporate; v / incorporated; adj. 1.form into one body or whole. 2 intr. To become incorporated, form one corporation. 3.combine (ingredients) into one substance. [based on Late Latin incorporatus ‘embodied’]

“Undying Incorporated”, Inc, a combination of two different words that form a common ideology. To create something that cannot be destroyed and which embodies an explosive mix of various influences and ingredients. A band known for making some overwhelming heavy music in today’s metal scene! Combining a lethal blend of speed, technique, groove and extreme aggression, Undying Inc create a sound they can proudly call their own that defines the state of the world address!

Relentless intensity, sharp twists; rapid changes and fluid gear shifting make their music a lesson in monumental grind like ferociousness. The result is crushing! Like adrenaline in the bloodstream, at once powerful, explosive and yet abstract. UI live is a wrecking ball, having honed their destructive skills from thrashing numerous small clubs to large venue festivals and always ready to obliterate the masses with an aural assault of pure and punishing heavy music.

Here is music that will make you want to spit into the face of life, burn everything you hate and chokehold the world you live in!

For more: http://www.undyinginc.com