Band Profiles



Status: Defunct

Origin: Bangalore

Genre: Metalcore

Ston’d is a metal band hailing from Bangalore. Their story begins in the summer of 2005 when Anoop (bass) and Abijith (vocals) met Aditya (guitars) for the first time in a mutual friend’s jam room. No one had a clear idea about what they wanted their band to sound like. There was a huge difference in influences ranging from Lamb of God to Korn and also to the Scorpions. Nothing really came out of that first meeting. Aditya got an offer from another band. Abijith went on to do vocals for the nu-metal act Schnellpsyche. After a couple of months, and a couple of chance meetings with the future guitarists of Ston’d, the band was finally formed at the end of 2006.

The original line up consisted of Abijith on vocals, Hitesh and Sudhir on guitars, Anoop on bass and Karthik on drums. Debuting in Unwind Underground, and after around seven shows, the band saw a line up change with Aditya, who had first met Abijith and Anoop 2 years ago, replacing Hitesh on guitars. The band has always maintained that with heaviness in music, there must be a perfect balance of melody as well. Technical guitar riffs and drumming patterns with melodious leads and heavy vocals define the band’s sound. Shows played include Unwind underground, Campus Rock Idols 2006, and National Law School – Strawberry Fields 2006 to name a few.

For more: http://www.myspace.com/stondbangalore