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Shock Therapy

Shock Therapy

Status: Active

Origin:  Hyderabad.

Genre: Slam Death metal

Shock Therapy is a 5 piece Brutal Slam Death Metal act hailing from Hyderabad, India with various influences from genres like Brutal Death and Slam groove the band tries to combine the elements required to give their own compositions an aura reflecting the lyrical themes based on the perverse nature of humanity.

Initially the band started with Aniketh and Jay who were from the same college and good friends jamming together with plans of forming a band. Later on they came across Krishna who just wanted to jam with a couple of people for his love towards metal. As they started jamming the covers of their common most liked bands they got along well having a nice chemistry going on between them. In search of a vocalist they found Rahul who was a common friend amongst them all to do temporary vocals for the jam sessions. Later on as they kept on jamming they found this aura of pure energy sonically unleashing from them and started visualizing what the band should do and where to go. Seeing the passion and dedication of the band members Rahul decided to be the permanent vocalist of the band. After their first show in IIIT (Hyd), the band got hold of Akram who used to jam with a black metal band called SINISTRA. Akram filled in whatever was lacking in the band and jelled in well with the kind of music the band was playing and had plans to play in the future and grow with it

Shock Therapy is characterized by Gutturals, Heavy growling and pig squeal type of vocal style. Technical groovy slam riffing with breakdowns accompanied by equally fast blast beats, double bass and snare roll technique drumming. The band believes in staying true to what they believe in making unadulterated music without having a commercial view, and delivering the same in power packed performances.

Shock Therapy is

Akram ul haq – Guitars
Jay Awasthi- Guitars
Krishna Chaitanya Pottepalem – Bass
Aniketh Yadav – Drums
Rahul Das – Vocals

For more  – http://www.reverbnation.com/shocktherapy