Band Profiles



Origin: Mumbai

Genre: Thrash metal

Status: Unknown

Sceptre is a four-member metal band from Mumbai who believe in playing music that’s heavy and pure thrash. Having developed a formidable reputation with their live shows, they have always been crowd pullers. Sceptre has been on the local metal scene for nearly 6 years now. Teemeer, Aniket and Janus officially got together as a band on December 1, 1998 and within a couple of weeks they were playing their first gig at IIT, Bombay. They’ve have been going strong ever since.

Line-up changes are almost unavoidable, and Janus left to the U.S. to pursue his Business opportunities and Frank who plays for a Thrash/Death metal band called Devoid, filled in for him. The band released their much awaited debut album ‘Now or Never’ on 29th may at Mumbai.

The music of Sceptre fits comfortably into the genre of thrash-metal. Sceptre also likes to call themselves an angry bunch, and this angst and aggression, rebellion and revolution shows up in their lyrics. The themes are in a way punk-ish, combined with super-fast riffs. This might be one of the reasons why they warm up to the metal-loving crowds instantly.

The Sceptre single “Lost Empire” was featured on the Deep Throat CD released by Throatlatch records. Other singles have featured on different compilations as well. The band’s EP too, sold a number of copies and made a strong impact in the underground metal scene. Currently, they are working on material for a new album.

For more: www.myspace.com/sceptreindia