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Origin: New Delhi

Genre: Thrash metal

The trio of Prestorika, Brain child of Lead Guitarist Lokesh Bakshi, got together in 2001, with heavy music as their binding factor. Early influences of the gods of metal – Metallica, Maiden and Megadeth, bloomed in the later years to define the characteristic Prestorika shred sound. Making their mark across the country, performing and winning accolades across all major music festivals, Prestorika earned a repute of one the leading heavy metal acts of the nation.

In 2005, Prestorika released a compilation of some of their very early work. The EP was titled ‘Emergence’. Prestorika have since being touring the country, headlining major festivals. Early 2007 has seen them concentrating on writing music for their much awaited debut album.

The band consists of Lokesh on lead guitars, Nitesh on drums, Vasav on vocals and rhythm guitar, and Rahul on bass.

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