Band Profiles

Perforated Limb


Status: Active

Origin: Bangalore

Genre: Brutal Death Metal

Perforated Limb is a 4 piece Brutal Death Metal band formed in early 2007 by
Sreenivas (Guitars) and Sajid (Drums). Rajeev soon joined in to do
the vocal duties. The band debuted at Undergrind 2007 playing an all original
setlist. Later, Tony was recruited to play bass, thereby completing the

The band is mainly influenced by Cannibal Corpse, Immolation, Suffocation, Deeds of
Flesh, Napalm Death, Carcass; and a whole lot of Death metal and grind bands.

Perforated Limb has been a regular at all editions of “Undergrind”. The band came to
a sudden halt in late 2009 when Sajid went abroad and other members got busy with
studies and work.

2 years later, the band kicked back into action with the inclusion of Shreyas (Ex:
Abandoned Agony) on drums. The band will be playing its comeback show at the
upcoming “Undergrind 2012” on April 14 sharing the stage with the well acclaimed
Singaporean grindlords Wormrot.

The band is looking forward to play more shows in the coming future and release its
demo material.

Perforated Limb is:

Sreenivas – Guitars
Tony – Bass
Shreyas – Drums
Rajeev – Vocals