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Naked Earth

Origin: Mumbai

Naked Earth was a speed metal band based in Bombay.They formed in Jan ’97 and the first show they did was at the Republic Rock on Jan 26th 1997.

The first lineup of the band consisted of a different bassist and keyboardist. They played at the RAIT elims 97 and lost due to unfair judging.This incident was a turning point for Naked Earth.The bassist was thrown out and the keyboardist quit. The band regrouped with a new bassist(Merrill or Melroy) and a new rhythm guitarist(Gilroy) as well as an entirely new set of songs.

Next in their lineup of shows was the Megha Fest which was an all Bombay rock contest. This competition saw 17 bands competing for the coveted 1st place and a prize money of Rs 30,000.Naked Earth won the first place unanimously in the elims as well as the finals.

Naked Earth got a lot of support from magazines like Jam and RSJ which covered their shows at the Razz (Rock Pub). Naked Earth was the most popular band in Bombay and had played more shows in Bombay than any other band in 1998.

They were also the finalists at Mood Indigo 98 (30 bands competing) and Neil was adjudged the best vocalist of the competition.

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