Band Profiles



Status: Defunct

Origin: Bangalore

Genre: Death metal/ Metalcore

Inviktus has its roots in the 2004 Freedom Jam where Vishwath and Prasad looked at the bands playing and said “We should do this”, only to go home and promptly forget all about it. Blame the (overpriced) alcohol.

Interest in forming a band was renewed some months later, when all the frustration that college life is known for, began screaming for an outlet. Along with potential band mates Karan and Jeevan, the then unnamed band had its first jam session on February 8th, 2005. Two weeks later they added band member Biwi and the band was complete. Borrowing their name from the poem Invictus by William Earnest, they were all set to hit the stage.

The first gig was a 10 minute slot in the March Sunday Jam, a show that spurred them to take part in their first ever competition at Manipal, where they placed first. The competition set the tone of things to come, and they have gone on to place in the top two at every competition they have taken part in – until November 2005 at any rate. The band also witnessed a change in line-up at around that time, with Biwi being replaced by Anush on the bass.

Vibrations – the IISC fest, saw them make it to the finals alongside bands like Myndsnare and Phenom.

On December 18th 2005 Inviktus made it to the finals of the NLS Strawberry Fields alongside bands like Junkyard Groove, Demonic Ressurection and Panetella. Often termed as the gig of all gigs , this gig went down as one of the biggest concert in India and one of the biggest for Inviktus.

After the original Inviktus disbanded, the group came together again in mid-2007, with Prasad still on vocals, Rajeev and Anush on guitars, Ramanan on bass and Subbu on drums. The fire hadn’t gone anywhere. After playing some killer shows at Rock Ethos, Octoberfest and also headlining a couple of college festivals, the band established that they were back, stronger than ever.

The band’s forte has always been the energetic live gigs and with an ever-heavy set. Their originals too are guaranteed to send you in a dizzying frenzy.

Inviktus has no obsessive compulsive desires to stick to sub-genres or sub-sub-genres, and continues to play what they like, albeit with a focus towards heavy metal. As things stand now, the band is eager to play again, to unleash all its anger and frustration in life as they always were.

For more: http://www.inviktus.in