Band Profiles



Origin: Bangalore

Status: Defunct

Genre: Gothic/ Doom metal

The idea of getting this band together came up first on a gloomy, boring monsoon evening back in 2005. Members Neelabh and Raghu came up with the design, and it was followed by a cover of ‘Paranoid’ which went off better than expected.

This new band was christened ‘Zyklon’ (without the knowing that a European band with the same name existed). After a series of line-up changes, Abishek came in as the guitarist, and he eventually moved to the position as frontman. Zyklon played its first, disastrous show at Strawberry Fields ’05 and proudly claim to have “opened the country’s biggest rock competition!”.

Criticism leads to change, and in this case, renaming of the band. Therefore, they transformed into Hammerage. The varied individual musical influences widen their spectrum of song composition, inspiring the band to write more and more songs. Two years down the road, Hammerage now proudly states to have ten original songs, and more in the making. A full length album is also being planned.

For more: http://www.myspace.com/hammerage