Band Profiles



Origin: New Delhi

Genre: Progressive death metal

In an age where Indian rock and metal acts have reached a stage no one even dreamt of, very rarely does there stand a band that doesn’t thrive on the mainstream success most bands root for. Guillotine is one such band, low profiled, but all about the music. Progressive melodic death metal is what they label their genre of music, as it combines the different elements of death/extreme metal with melodies ranging from jazz to thrash metal.

They started off with the name ‘1 Fret Higher’ ,but with countless line up changes, Guillotine is what they turned out to be. The band has recorded three of their original tracks. These songs are a part of a three-tier concept of a man’s realization of the hollowness of religious faith .The recently recorded  ‘Upon My Return’ has become quite popular with fans. Their influences range from Porcupine Tree , Tool , Dream Theater , Opeth, Children of Bodom and lots more. Despite being only a year old, Guillotine is one of the most talked about bands in Delhi, especially because their youngest member is only 16 years old!

The band line up consists of Karan nambiar on vocals, Kabir Mahajan on drums, Manav Chauhan on keyboards, Rohit Bhattacharya on bass and Nabam Takar on guitars.

For more: http://www.myspace.com/guillotine0