Band Profiles

Extinct Reflections


Status: Defunct

Origin: Bangalore

Genre: Progressive Metal

Without doubt, Bangalore’s favourite band. Extinct Reflections was formed in 2003, and have grown to be one of the forerunners of the heavy metal scene in Bangalore. A high school project of drummer Kishan, guitarist Sandesh a.ka. Sandy and a couple of their friends, Extinct Reflections is now a band with a huge fan base and a firm following thanks to their unique blend of aggression interwoven with melody. Having been tagged a melodic death/thrash unit means little to the band, who look at absolutely no boundaries while composing their music. The band is influenced by a variety of music and musicians, such as Death, Cynic, Lamb of God and a whole horde of jazz artists too.

Another fact about Extinct Reflections is that all the members of the band play other music as well, helping make this band’s music more of their own. They’ve never been the sort of band to spend too much time on covers. Extinct Reflections is currently working on recording their first full length album at Kishan’s Studios. They have been gigging extensively in Bangalore, and are also looking at taking their unique brand of heavy metal to the rest of the country.

For more: http://www.myspace.com/extinctreflections