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Status: Active

Origin: Mumbai

Genre: Brutal Death metal

Exhumation was formed in 2003 by a group of guys who were growing increasingly tired of the extreme metal scene in Mumbai. The band played shows like Deathfest, Resurrection and Mood-Indigo, and became quite a favourite. In 2004, they released their single ‘Among The Dead’ which drew favourable responses and encouragement from all. By end-2005 they had completed their first album ‘Among the Dead’ and not having the patience to wait for a record deal, they made it available online to all who were willing to hear. This album was not only critically acclaimed, but it also cemented Exhumation’s status among the better death metal bands around. 2006 came with their second record, called ‘For Personal Consumption Only’.

Exhumation is currently a 3-member band consisting of Yash Pathak on drums, Prashant Shah on guitars and Aditya Mehta on bass and vocals. They are currently working on new material which will be out soon.

Exhumation is

Aditya Mehta – Vocals

Prashant Shah – Guitars

Yash Pathak – Drums

P-Man – Bass

For more: http://www.myspace.com/exhumation