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Status: Active

Origin: Bangalore

Genre: Old school death metal

Dhwesha is a one of a kind death metal act who write songs in Kannada and look to uphold the flag of old school death metal, borrowing influences from the likes of Bolt Thrower, Dismember,Unleashed and the likes.
Dhwesha’s music is all about straight forward old school death metal, characterized by staccato riffing, combined with aggression and melody in lethal doses.

Dhwesha started off as a two piece band in 2008. Rooted to old school death Metal with a few doom and atmospheric elements, the band quickly carved quite a niche for themselves. Initially consisting of Somesha on guitars and Ajay on vocals, the band recorded four songs and received quite a commendable response from the metal community. The band was joined by Adarsh (the then bass player of Culminant) in 2011. Playing to drum tracks, the trio began practicing to play gigs, while at the same time scouting for drummers both on and off the internet. The search eventually resulted is finding Tushar Bajaj, through a mutual friend. A few years younger yet a very good fit, he gave complete form the to the band and the band have been playing live ever since, doing shows in and around Bangalore.
In January 2012 Dhwesha released their demo titled Yuddhabhumi on tape,quite revolutionary at that as most bands release their music via online downloads and CDs. The tape containing 6 tracks found its way around and outside India. Dhwesha supported Japanese black/thrash band Abigail at Trend Slaughter Fest 2012 held in Bangalore in early 2012, thus earning rep and paving the way for future shows. The band is currently looking for shows within the country.

Dhwesha is:

Ajay – Guitars/Vocals

Somesha – Guitars

Adarsh – Bass

Tushar – Drums

For more – www.reverbnation.com/dhwesha