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Status: Defunct

Origin: Bangalore

Genre:  Old School Death/Thrash Metal

Culminant is all about 100%, grade A, unadulterated extreme metal with minimum frills and no fuss, about making honest, in-your-face aggressive Thrash/Death metal composed and presented with old school sensibilities.

Culminant was formed in June 2007 when Pranay and Sudarshan were looking for members to form a band. Their search co-incided with Bharad looking to do vocals for a band. They met up and jammed a couple of times until it was decided that it sounded good. Still lacking a drummer, and after auditioning about 3 of them, it was decided that Pranay’s brother Deep was the best of the lot despite still being a learner. In October 2007, a replacement was found when we welcomed Danny Johnson (ex-Catatonic Rage) into the fold. Line-up change dogged the band again when in February 2008, founder member/bassist Sudarshan left the band due to work-related reasons. In early April, locally well known guitarist/solo artist Umanath Kamath was added as the new bass player. In August 2009, the band decided to part ways with Danny Johnson, and found a replacement in Siddharth “Mukul” Das (ex-Cranium Shatter, Speedblade). In October 2009, Umanath decided to leave the band to pursue different styles of music, and an immediate replacement was found in Anup. 2010 saw yet another line up change with the departure of Mukul and Anup switching to lead guitar duties and bass duties filled in by Adarsh. Culminant finally do have a stable line up and are looking for more gigs and also to hit the studios soon.

Culminant is
Bharad – vocals
Pranay – Guitars
Anup – Guitars
Adarsh – Bass
Deep – Drums
Jayanth – Live sound engineer.