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Status: Defunct

Origin:  Bangalore

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Corrode was formed by Vinay Ganesh, aka Goldy and Sidharth Manoharan during the fall of 2007. Formerly known as Atharva, Sidharth and Goldy began rehearsing as a two-piece band with Sidharth on vocals and keyboards and Goldy on Guitars. Sidharth’s black metal influences and Goldy’s Melodic Metal influences merged to form Corrode.

Corrode’s music has been consistent with no shift in genre from the time of the band’s inception. Harsha Neelakantan joined the band as the bassist in the winter of 2007. Sidharth, Goldy and Harsha had been the permanent members of Corrode which as a band has had quite a few line-up changes! A few of Corrode’s ex-band members are – Jayanth (Guitars; who is currently the endorsement engineer for the biggest band in India – Kryptos), Rijo (Drums), Shreyas (Drums), Manish (Guitars) and Yash (Drums).

In March 2009, Ashwin Alexander (drums, Sptifire and ex-Macabre Intent) and Benjamin (Crucifix Guide, ex-Macabre Intent) joined the band to complete Corrode’s five-piece line-up. The band played at many college fests and local gigs. In May 2009, Goldy suffered a severe neck injury while performing on stage which put him out of action for a couple of months. This resulted in a temporary break for Corrode. After Goldy recovered, he continued with his side project, Nihilus along with Harsha on bass guitar, Sidharth on drums and Amar (Clipped Wing Satellite and Venator) on vocals. In December 2009, Sidharth announced his departure from Nihilus and Corrode, consequently disbanding Nihilus and further extending Corrode’s break.

In April 2010, after nearly a year of hiatus, Corrode was revived when Nikil Kumar (bass, ex-Macabre Intent) and Aditya Rajan (vocals, ex-Macabre Intent) joined the band. Harsha shifted to guitar to fill the void formed when Benjamin went on to join Crucifix Guide, thus once again completing Corrode’s five-piece line up.

In September 2010, Harsha left Corrode to pursue his studies in Philadelphia, USA. Aditya took his place on guitars and a new vocalist- Achish Jeremiah was added to the band for a short period of time, till his departure in March 2011 due to musical differences.

The band with its present line-up (four-piece for the first time since its inception), is going steady, and is in the process of writing and producing their debut album with a distinct and more melodic sound as compared to the singles formerly released.

Corrode is

Aditya Rajan: Guitars/Vocals
Vinay Ganesh (Goldy): Guitars
Nikil Kumar: Bass
Ashwin Alexander: Drums

For more: http://www.myspace.com/corrodein