Band Profiles

Brute Force


Status: Defunct

Origin: Pune

Genre: Thrash metal

Brute Force officially came together in December 2005 in Pune. Finding a common ground in music, they decided to take things to a new level. Rather than write the usual lyrics, they decided to focus on the issues relevant in Indian society today, and use their music as a way to get through to the people of India. Although their genre is mostly Thrash and Heavy metal, they have added their own sound to their songs.

The band has won a series of competitions in the past, including Campus Rock Idols – Pune (2005), Kayos Battle Of the Bands, NIFT Rock Competition, Battle Of The Bands – Pune (2006), Independence Rock XXI, NLS Strawberry Fields – Bangalore (2006)  and IIT Livewire – Mumbai (2006), among many others.

Brute Force recently released their album ‘Force Fed’ in end 2008, with 8 skull crushing thrash songs. And as the band would put it, “May The Force Be With You!”

For more: http://www.myspace.com/bruteforceindia