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Status: Unknown

Origin: Bangalore

Genre: Classical heavy metal

Bhoomi was formed in April 2002 with the intention of playing original music in the cover-infested scene in India. The band had a dream start at the National Law School 2002 when they were the first college band ever to get into the finals by playing an all original set- something which even the established acts back then didn’t dare to do. They won the competition as the best college band that year and were applauded by fans and critics alike for the distinctive vocal harmonies, which was cleverly induced into the powerful brand of heavy metal they play. This was a huge bonus for the band as there were metal bands that didn’t have a single vocalist who could sing, whereas Bhoomi had three of them who could sing, and sing well at that!

After the Victory at National Law School, there was no looking back for the band, for they swept each and every competition in sight taking their winning tally to 21 wins out of the 22 competitions they took part. Some of the notable achievements are Strawberry Fields (2002, 2003,2004), RAIT 2003, Mumbai, headliners at around 40 college festivals in South India, Half a Day Rock Concert organized by RSJ along with Skinny Alley and Parikrama. They signed off playing the competition circuit by winning the IIM-B rock competition in 2005.

The Times of India has recognized Bhoomi as one of the top bands of Bangalore. The band is presently in the process of recording their first album, and are working with the producer of Nevermore.

Bhoomi’s members are currently Sujay on vocals, Pummy on bass, Tony on guitars and Kishan on drums.

The band also quotes a series of influences- Jorn Lande, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, AC/DC, Deep Purple, Nevermore, Alice in Chains, Queen, Sting, Dio, Extreme, Manowar, Racer X, Symphony X, Pain of Salvation, Rainbow, Queensryche, Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford, and Whitesnake.

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