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Amidst the Chaos


Status: Active

Origin: Mumbai

Genre: Metalcore

Amidst the Chaos are a four piece metal act from Mumbai. They bring together a hybrid of Metalcore and Thrash, and have varied influences that trigger an unrelenting assault of polyrhythmic one liners. The band is a brainchild of Aditya, and like most others, went through several line up and sound Changes before finally finding a sound that they were comfortable and good at. Consisting of minds with different Influences and backgrounds, their passion for metal served as the right catalyst. The band describes their music as groove based, with crunchy riffs laced with guttural vocals, liquid bass lines and relentless drumming.

Amidst the Chaos has featured on two compilations till date, namely A.I.M. (All India Metal) and Fine tuned Disasters which is the band’s first release, its E.P., ‘Catharsis’. The band, now signed on Demonstealer Records is currently laying tracks for its next big release. ‘Feeding the machines’.

After countless line-up changes, the band has finally settled for nothing but sheer talent from India’s biggest metalcore outfit, ‘Bhayanak Maut’. Venky, who has been friends with the band decided to join once Jash decided to depart. The sound remains the same, only heavier. The seven stringed onslaught continues with renewed venom. After two years of continuous shows and tours to the capital and beyond, the band has decided to fabricate its best material yet by laying it down in form of their first full length. Eleven songs which display rich sedimentary carpets of metal and the destruction that the band is capable of attaining live. The Chaos has been unleashed and you have been warned.

Amidst the Chaos is

Aditya – guitars

Venky – Bass guitar

Sunneith – Vocals

Anshul – Drums

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