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Status: Active

Origin: Pune

Genre: Metalcore

Formed in 2007, Abraxas is a five-piece, melodic metal band from Pune. Originally called Rigor Mortis, the group has matured musically and lyrically over a year. The newly christened name, Abraxas is an Egyptian reference to God and Satan as a single entity. It is a culmination of both- good and evil, black and white, light and darkness – all the extreme opposites that never could mesh rather easily. Abraxas’ music is a hybrid of differing genres molten together to create a sound that is aggressive, caressing and original at the same time.

Abraxas’ sound can be described as heavy, melodic metal with vicious vocal growls, aggressive riffs, solos and structures interspersed with epic break-downs, grooves and textures, laced with melodic guitar harmonies and hard, heavy and straight forward double bass patterns. Lyrically, the band tries to cover topics like hatred, peace, war, mortality, self destruction and rebellion.

Abraxas is

Karan Pote – Vocals

Abhimanyu Singh Negi – Guitars

Vinay Joseph – Guitars

Kenneth Mascarenhas – Bass Guitars

Naman Sachdev – Percussion

For more: http://www.myspace.com/Abraxas